secure your facebook

Facebook Today’s top social media website worldwide. where you sharing your best pics of your lovely moments or just clicked photo to share on your facebook status. Facebook also very populer social media website for marketing, we simply want to say your facebook account is very important for you and your business. Now you can see you need your facebook account fully secure, thats the reason why we written this article for spytechtricks readers. In this article we have five simple tips which can secure Facebook Account and go relex.

Keep Strong Passwords

how to secure facebook account

Your facebook account login password should be strong which can not hackble. In this matter mostly peoples using their simple things like date of birth, girlfriend’s name and mobile number or just simple pass code that are very easy to hack. don’t be innocent you always must be crazy and use strong facebook passwords as such. We recommended you use Alphabets, Special Characters and Numbers part of your facebook account password than any hacker can’t guess your facebook secured password.

Use Secure Connection

secure facebook account

By Default Facebook Session is not secured, which means your account not secure. if you think as said in this article is not true than find yourself in browser’s address bar that connection is secured or not as we mention above screen shot i.e http or https. If connection is not secure then you should go to facebook setting page and tik mark the check box. that means secure connection is enabled. If your facebook account secured than very difficult to hack your account, now they can’t steal your credentials information of you.

Change Password Regularly

how to secure facebook account

If you are use same password for every social media sites account or any website account it means you doing bad practice. if you are not changing account passwords regularly than you must h’ve do this thing. you know if you do this then it becomes very difficult to break your FB Account security.

Always Logout When Done

Mostly peoples doing this common mistake when they using his/her facebook account. normaly peoples just close browser after check friends status and own status update. it means your facebook account possible to hack and your account also can be misuse by sending actionable messages. We Recommneded alwasy logout when you done your work on facebook.

Use Latest AntiVirus and Update

secure facebook account

Antivirus update is also important to secure facebook account. Some times we notice people not update antivirus regularly what are they use. suppose when you logging into facebook account that time your infected system will send info to hackers who made the virus, it means one more way to break your facebook account security to get your important information releted credentials.